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By Daniele Bricchi
October 2003
In my childhood memories, there is this image (coming back again and again) of me or some other relative having recourse to: physicians, analysis, hospitals, pharmacies (how many a long wait in clinics!), with results however always very bad, among which the premature death of my parents and many other relatives. These facts have surely stimulated my quest.
One day, when I was nine years old, I have seen my father kill a rabbit and I have been very struck by it. I have first seen the alive animal with its sweet frightened eyes, then my father holding it by its ears and hitting it to death on the head. For me it was terrible. They say: "This is the way we eat, it is normal". I felt that neither my father was calm, he was not doing it gladly and, as far as I know, he never did it again. My uncorrupted child eyes saw the reality of how meats are produced and then arrive at our tables and I thought: "If, in order to eat meat, animals are to be killed, then I will not eat meat anymore." Being only a child, I couldn't immediately succeed in putting this into practice, but as I was growing up I discovered the existence of the vegetarianism, which is as ancient as humanity; that do exist vegetarian associations; that a lot of famous people (scientists, artists, philosophers) were practising and supporting it.
I am 44 years old and it is 22 years now that I have made the vegetarian choice abstaining myself from eating meat, and fish as well, for ethical reasons, mainly due to the non-violence philosophy and to the respect of life of other animals. Only later I have discovered the ecological and health motivations for it. However, I have noticed beneficial effects on my physical and psychological health. Problems, such as: constipation alternate to dysentery, sudden night time cramps in my calves, blood losses from my nose, blood in my faeces, they have miraculously disappeared. Besides I was way more self-confident, I was feeling better and that the undertaken path was the good one.
Later, especially in my periods of depression, I was feeling that there was something wrong, to the point that I was even doubting that the difficulties in my life, my crises, were depending on the lack of some meat component which I was persistently not taking: that for the power of the ideas which are inculcated in us since childhood. I became aware of being a typical uninformed vegetarian, that was not taking enough care of my own health; I understood that to be healthy it is not enough to exclude meat and fish. In fact I was smoking, drinking alcoholics, eating too many dairy products. In a word, I had too little knowledge about nutrition and the basics of health in general. I had been wearing short-sighted lenses for 22 years and my sight was constantly growing weak, I was suffering from chronic gastritis and depression crisis, hepatitis c and sterility had been diagnosed in me.
Thanks to my studies in Yoga, I was aware of the importance of nutrition for the body's health and therefore decided to deepen my knowledge of nutrition and natural remedies.
By so doing, I discovered Hygienism; which is not, as many believe, unfortunately, just another one among the so many nutritional systems, but the true science of health, the discipline that characterizes the complex of natural conditions for the recovery and the maintenance of the health, not only physical, but psychic too.
For the past 17 years I have not been taking medicine of any sort, I have not been wearing glasses anymore and I see well; I am not suffering from that unexplainable depression, I am not having liver and stomach problems anymore, I have faced, without medicines, abscesses, granuloma in the teeth and also a fracture of the wrist (without plastering!). I am in good physical shape, I am no longer suffering from those family troubles, such as: overweight, hypertension, baldness and not even arthrosis, which has struck all of my relatives in my father family, including my brother. And last but not least, I am not sterile anymore. Figure it out, a physician even tried to dissuade me from undergoing the test to see if I had recovered, sustaining that my azoospermia (absence of sperms in the seminal liquid) was irreversible. When I showed him the test's results, indicating the presence of million of sperms, he was very amazed and after some instant of silent control of the results, he recommended me to repeat the test, because to his opinion there could have been an exchange of test-tubes in the laboratory. I was feeling that it was not so, but I decided to repeat the test, discovering that I was not more sterile and that the number of sperms for cube millimetre had still notably increased.
Now, with great joy, I can announce that I have a son, Alfred, an 18 month-old baby healthy and cheerful, been born with the natural active birth, breastfed and not vaccinated. In this phase also, as in the others: pregnancy, birth, nutrition of both mother and child, weaning etc., the indications of the hygienists have served us well; and they still are, in a special way, irreplaceable I would say. A great thank you from the heart to all those people who contribute to make the natural hygiene be known, this simple and magnificent discipline.
It would be right that it even became a subject in primary schools, so that each one could know it and by putting it into practice could enjoy its advantages.