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The myth of the vaccinations is staggering, but it is not collapsing yet. In our minds it has been inculcated that vaccines would have defeated the endemic illnesses such as smallpox, diphtheria, polio etc., that there would not be vaccine damages and that even if they existed they would be rare and incomparable to the immense benefits that vaccines would have brought to humanity. A more careful examination however reveals that in these 200 years of vaccine age the "insiders" opinion has never been unanimous and it is demonstrated by all the meetings where physicians for and against it fight each other. People revolted against those governments that imposed compulsory vaccinations. This happened because of the frequent and serious failures of the mass vaccinations. It had been noticed in fact that Countries with a high rate of vaccines' immunization had the same incidence of mortality as Countries with scarce or no vaccines' coverage at all; but more serious still it was the evidence of cases in which, corresponding to the diffusion of a given vaccine, followed a neat recrudescence of the illness that the vaccine was supposed to protect from. It is documented in fact that serious epidemics have struck almost exclusively the vaccinated subjects. As an example we can consider the United Kingdom, which has known, first in the world, the obligation of the smallpox vaccination and which suffered the hardest smallpox attacks when the population was better vaccinated. The percentage of vaccinated people was near to 90% when the terrible epidemic of the 1871-1872 killed 23.000 people and this happened after thirteen years of optional vaccination, plus eighteen years of a tight compulsory vaccination program (figures from the Department of Health of Great Britain). As a consequence of this failure, the UK government stopped, little by little, the vaccinations, but organized instead a hygienic program, sewers, water's plumbing, wastes' collection, isolation and assistance to the diseased, preceding by one century the strategy of the W.H.O. After that, smallpox regressed dramatically (read "Hygienic measures or immunization?" by the English sanitary officer Hadwen. S., in "Truth", 17 January 1923). According to a study published by Dr. Gerhard Buchwald, one of the greatest experts in this field, it comes out that not only the smallpox vaccination does not protect, but also that the vaccinated ones can be struck by the most serious form of the illness (1). In Germany, in a few years beginning from 1871, 125.000 casualties from smallpox were recorded and this after 35 years of regime of forced vaccination decided by law. The British Encyclopaedia (9th edition) reports that of the 30.742 smallpox cases recorded in Bavaria in 1871, 29.429 were vaccinated people. In Sweden, the population is systematically vaccinated, in 1871 and again in 1872, but in 1873 it bursts the most awful smallpox epidemic of the Country's history.
An enormous quantity of data could be quoted, but for reasons of space we skip to a more recent moment. In Albania, already since 1985, no more cases of polio are recorded, but in 1996 a program of mass vaccination, in both children and adults, was started, with the Sabin vaccine. In the following months, hundreds of cases of polio were recorded, among which various deadly ones. Because of the generated panic, a W.H.O. delegation was sent., alongside one from Atlanta's C.D.C. and one from the Italian Superior Institute of Health (I.S.S.). Dr. Donato Greco, an I.S.S. expert, manager of the laboratory of epidemiology, confirmed, declaring it in every newspaper, that the cases were due to the vaccine. However, he was immediately denied, since such news were spreading the panic (sources: a) Ciofi degli Atti, Prevots, Sallabanda, Malfait, Aylwarc, Greco, Wassilak; Eurosurveillance vol. 2, n. 5, May 1997. b) "Polio alarm in Albania", Il Gazzettino, 1/9/96).
There is now certainty about a big number of adverse reactions, light damages, serious ones, at times irreversible ones, that sooner or later manifest themselves. As an example of the Italian situation, the data from Seieva, published on the "Vaccination 2000" bulletin, n. 46 of February 1997, according to 261 ASL (Azienda Sanitaria Locale; Italian area’s public clinics) out of 650 from 1985 to 1994 the incidence of hepatitis B in Italy, in a sample of 100.000 people, has gone lowering, already before the introduction of the compulsory vaccination (1991), passing from 6 cases in 1985 to 1 case in 1990 (1 out of 100.000), remaining unchanged also years after the introduction of the compulsory vaccination in 1991 (data from the Epidemiological integrated system of the acute viral hepatitis, (0 to14 years of age). The data can be found on the site of the Superior Institute of Health : http//
However, from 1991 to 1996, 340 "official" side effects among children (0 to14 years of age) are revealed due to the hepatitis B vaccine (data from the National Commission on Vaccines, found in the document "Hepatitis B vaccination and multiple sclerosis", schedule: adverse reactions to hepatitis B vaccination 1991-1996). The document is available on the site of the Italian Department of Health :
It must be taken into account that very probably the recognized side effects are only a small part of the real ones, as it is known that there is in Italy a diffused under-notification about vaccines' side effects. In fact, according to David Kessler, commissioner of the Food And Drug Administration, within a passive control system the damages due to vaccinations are underestimated by 90%. Despite the numerous interventions of that medical class tied up to the industry business, interventions aimed at confusing people and hiding the truth, an enormous amount of data is available to the careful seeker, both in international publications and in those ones by honest researchers, scientific journalists, medicine historians and dissident physicians. In the majority of the European Countries the compulsory vaccination has been abrogated for a long time now, and laws are passed for the compensation of the damages from vaccinations (death or incapacity cases). A few years ago, Japan has abrogated the compulsory vaccination, because the State risked to go bankrupt, for too many were the vaccine damages that the government had to indemnify. Italy and France are the only European Countries where the compulsory vaccination is in force still.
In Piacenza (northern Italy) an information group against the compulsory vaccination is getting organized: to promote information, to support parents that refuse the vaccinations, to help the people damaged by the vaccines to get the recognition.

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