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To prevent and to cure illnesses with the natural hygiene

The primitive man ate simple things. The animals in wilderness take just one or two varieties of food per meal. It has been observed that the birds eat bugs at a certain moment of the day and seeds at another. The civilized man has a great variety of foods in the same meal, with the illusion of being eating well. The enzymes of the human digestive organs have well defined limits; by eating in a way to exceed these limits, digestive troubles are to be expected.
Through a correct foods mixture, blood receives water, amino acids, fat acids, glycerine, monosaccharides, minerals and vitamins. Indiscriminately mixing the foods in a meal, leads to fermentation, putrefaction, gases, which bring to have the blood full of alcohol, acetic acid, ptomaines, leucomaines, hydrogen, etc.. A good combination of foods in a meal assure a good digestion utterly exploiting the ingested food, so that only nourishing substances are provided to the organism. A bad food combination produces an indigestion and pours in the blood poisons rather than vital substances. To eat just to have the food going bad in your digestive apparatus, means to waste the food and to jeopardize your health.
(from "Food combining made easy" by Dr. Herbert Shelton).
In the past, fasting was an initiatory technique, kept secret. It is today a formidable and very little known therapeutic means. By fasting every kind of illness can be prevented or recovered from and it delays the old age. It disciplines the mind and it raises the spirit. It can be said that there is no human age nor condition that cannot receive advantages from it, either physical or spiritual. But there are then some categories of people to which this practice seems essential: obese people willing to lose weight, smokers, alcoholics, drug addicted wishing to get rid of their vice, future fathers and mothers, activists of non violent movements, God's seekers.
(from "The secret of Igea - practical guide to the self managed fast"- A.I.I. M. Manca Editore / Genoa).
In hygienism put into practice, the recovery is the rule and not the exception; and it surprises that there are still people that keep on asking for scientific tests to proof the validity of the natural hygiene. "Where are your facts and figures?" I am often asked. "It is acceptable to say that hygienism is portentous and that fasting has helped thousands of people; but now the matter is to be submitted to the scientific/statistic method. To give people a valid evidence, it is necessary to consider a certain number of people with the same illness, half of them cured with medicines and the other half with natural hygiene method. Then and only then, if the hygienically treated half recovers, and the other does not, it can be said to everybody with certainty that the natural hygiene is better."
As far as I am concerned, I have seen so many people recovering after a hygienic treatment (people that did not recover with medicinal cares or other therapeutic methods), that no further proof is necessary to me. That is why I gladly forget that "proofs" are necessary for those which are full of fears and prejudices in the name of "medical science". It does not take much to immediately realize that, for those practicing natural hygiene, there is plenty of statistic data. Nobody knows better than us how many sick people, that come looking for help, have already one foot in their grave.
What could there be more "scientific" than a person's recovery through natural hygiene after the failure of so many other therapies? This is the truth, and truth is science; if this were not be truth, it would not be science either.
Too many so-called "scientific" tests are proven false because it is the money to dictate the answer; often scientists, declaring to profess the cult of truth, are terrorized to lose their job and relative profit, and therefore manipulate the experiments' conditions until the requested answers are met. This is not science, but cheating the public. It is exactly because of this incapability to understand that animate things can recover by themselves, that people are amazed when are healed and recovered without medicines, accustomed as they are to be visited by physicians one after the other, keeping on in their bad health. Yet it is continuously repeated that all of this is not "scientific", since "scientific" it is only what is done by a physician. But the very fact that everybody gets well, when not fully recover, thanks to hygienism, should not mean by itself that this is a science?
(Dr. V. Vetrano)

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