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# ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Rules of the place

Ecological, Vegetarian, Natural Hygiene (the science of health), house and life project (since 1989)

Rules of the place

We intend to be faithful to the natural principles of the enviroment, mankind, all living species and all other forms of life. We live in an ecological house with a reduced enviromental impact. This is a place where we can detox and change harmful life habits. We ask anyone who comes here for any reason to respect these simple rules. We care a lot about these rules and we ask and expect our guests to respect them too.

1) Avoid using and bringing drugs of any kind.
2) Avoid using and bringing animal products (meat, fish, dairy) or other foods containing them.
3) Avoid using and bringing alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate products, sugar or other foods containing traces of them.
4) Smoking is not allowed inside the house or within the perimeters of the property. Those who choose to smoke outside the perimeters must ensure the cigarette is properly put out and the butt placed in the non-recyclable bin.
5) Avoid bringing or using personal and house care products that are tested on animals and not biodegradable. If it is your first time here and you happen to bring these products, please use sparingly until you replace them. Please conserve ecological products as well.
6) Avoid contaminating the indoor environment with perfume, cleaning products for the house and body, or unnatural incense. Above all avoid using synthetics.
7) Avoid bringing or using fur or other clothing made from animals.
8) If using the gas cooker, be sure to close the valve afterwards. (Turn clockwise to close).
9) Avoid using inside the house the same shoes you use outside.
10) Avoid wasting water, electricity or gas. For example: always turn the lights off when you leave the room.
11) Actively participate in recycling. There are containers for each type of material. Keep them separate!
- Organic – there is a special bin for that (compost bin is used to fertilize garden)
- Paper-plastic-glass-metal have to be kept separate in their bins
12) Keep your belongings and your bed tidy.
13) Respect the house, the people, the land and everything you find here!
14) Avoid using mobile telephones inside the house.

Once you are used to this way of living it is easy. If you have any doubts, please do not be afraid to ask. Obviously our wish is not only that our guests understand the rules and appreciate their sense here, but also that our guests adopt this way of life in their own homes.
NB: These are not Verogna ecovillage rules, but only the eco house project rules, already working.

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