venerdì 19 gennaio 2018

# ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Presentation of ecological house

Dear friends,

I have decided to use internet, for the first time, to talk about a project upon which I have been working for the past twenty years or so and is constantly growing.
It is an ecological house, vegetarian, natural-hygienist (the science of health). From the shores of the Po river we moved to Verogna, on the hills of Bettola (Piacenza, northern Italy).
Here follow our rules for the place.
I am seeking ways to achieve the most reduced environmental impact.
I am restructuring according to ecological building criteria, preferring poor materials available there, in the very place.
We reuse and recycle.
The situation is very simple, rural and of bare luxury.
I use organic farming methods, for self-sufficiency.
I offer hygienist stays to detoxicate, assisted fasting-therapy, programs to get rid of harmful addictions such as: tobacco, coffee, alcohol, medicines etc. We help people to face their troubles with the hygienist method, which excludes medicines and remedies, seeking and removing the causes of the problems, by making use of the organism's highly underestimate self-healing capacities.
The stays' costs are low. We offer further facilitations to people that are really in need, determined and serious ones. Exchanges are possible too, as for example: a healing stay in exchange for helping in the garden, collecting firewood, etc..
During the stays, people can use part of their time to study the literature on hygienism and similar issues, available here and listen to the audiotapes on these issues.
The main goal of the hygienist stays is not just that of helping people to detoxify themselves, to rest, to improve their health, but also that of providing information and tools allowing to approach a self-management of their own health and to become their own doctors. To return back home with the awareness of the recovery process, but also the ability and possibility to prevent and to face their troubles in full autonomy.
I am affiliated to the WWOOF (worldwide opportunities on organic farming), therefore there are people coming to work half a day for board and lodging.
We are also part of SERVAS, a pacifist association inspired by Gandhi's principles that uses hospitality and an original way of travelling to tighten the bonds of friendship among people.
Besides, Verogna is an almost uninhabited suburb with houses on sale at low prices. It is a very resourceful place, making it proper for the creation of an ecovillage.
If you are a real ecologist and you are looking for such a place to respect and to make live again, come and I will show you everything.
Last but not least, whoever desires to come to visit us, even just for a walk, or to meet us or to see the place is more than welcome. LET'S OPEN OUR HOUSES!

Contacts: Daniele Bricchi, Loc. Verogna 45 - 29021 - Bettola (Piacenza) Tel. +39 0523 913142