martedì 22 gennaio 2019

# ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Two words about the natural hygiene

Natural Hygiene is self management of health

Natural Hygiene is a revolutional health movement which originated in the USA in 1829, an initiative of vigorous and dissident medical doctors, determined to follow the truth.
On the basis of sciences, like anatomy, physiology, biology, bionomy or ecology (the science of the correct adaptation of the organism to the environment) and others, Natural Hygiene gives us the possibility us to understand that everything is ruled by determined natural laws; following this, the importance of knowing the laws of life and especially those who rule the human species.
The education is given to us by life itself, by means of the observation of its laws, and respecting these laws should give way for a free and autonomous life from childhood until old age.
Meticulous studies have been undertaken on the natural and indispensable agents or factors of life, and on the causes of health problems.
Those who have studied in depth the theoretical method, practically reach a higher capacity of self management of health without pharmaceuticals, whether by the prevention of disease, or by the act of confronting an existing disease, or emergencies.
Delegating ones health management to a medical doctor and therefore not willing to study and take ones own responsibility, often does not give the same results.
Natural Hygiene provides basic principles for everybody, but everyone has to know how to apply them according to their own needs and have the capacity of using this information to become the maker/constructor of their own health.
Our organism, and it only, possesses the special ability to let us escape from disorder (illness) thanks to the capacity of self-healing (almost completely unknown today), that manifests itself when the causes of unbalance have been removed.
Natural Hygiene excludes any kind of remedy, treatment or medicine, but refers itself exclusively to the cause and never to the symptoms of the illness.
Natural Hygiene is oriented strongly towards the vegetarian diet, which is rich in raw and living foods (to which we are predisposed biologically), respects the compatibility of food (right food combinations), and the relation to fresh air, light, sunshine, the warmth, physical exercise, resting, the environment, mental, emotional and spiritual influences, fasting, and the theory of toxemia instead of the theory of microbes.
These and other elements have been subjects of strength and study for the Natural Hygiene researchers.
Contrary to conventional medicine which treats symptoms, Natural Hygiene affirms: “Remove the cause, and the effects will disappear”.